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Ready-to-use 100% real sharks fin, a high protein seafood,
abalone, dried scallops, dried sea cucumber and jelly fish.

Chinese language text
Professor Lin Yun
Grand Master of Tantric
Buddhism Black Sect

Our logo, the "Get Rich Shark's Fin," is specially designed by the Grand Master of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Fourth Stage, Professor Lin Yun, as he held the utmost blessing mudra and visualization. This photograph of Master Lin Yun holding the blessing mudra aims to bestow blessing upon all of our friends and customers. With this blessing, you will receive increased wealth, longevity, and wisdom. Evil and sickness will be expelled, and only auspiciousness and safety will be retained.

Chinese language text

By just seeing both the blessing mudra and our logo drawn by Master Lin Yun, you will receive prosperity, good health, and safety. Therefore, for our friends who are viewing this home page, even though you have not yet bought our shark's fin, you have already received the utmost blessing! However, we feel that if you eat our shark's fin, the benefit you will receive is immeasurable. 


About Our Shark's Fin

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